JARS v63n2 - From The President

From The President
Fred Whitney
Kent, Washington

Fred Whitney
Fred Whitney

Well, our winter has been neither short nor mild and Mother Nature has yet to deliver on spring as of this February writing!! Major happening has been the delineation of duties as we move forward with the new Editor/Assistant Editor mode of publishing the Journal. Mechanics of the Memorandum of Understanding are in place and now are the legal details to be locked in. We feel most fortunate in having Dr. Glen Jamieson step forward to undertake the "article content" of the publication and most appreciative that Sonja wants to continue the pre-publication activities which she has so capably performed in the recent past. The net of this change will be a reduction in the cost of the "labor portion" of the activity, but somewhat complicating this transition is the demise of our printer (Time Litho) and the necessity to establish a new quality source for this function and the unknown cost for a new printer/distributor. Sonja continues to work the bidding/ procurement of that successor firm.

There continues to be "network chatter" regards the options for membership categories/schedules/cost. Other societies are moving "into the 21st century" by "differentially pricing their dues/categories of membership" to recognize the delivery of the Journal versus non-delivery of same. Additionally, the electronic delivery of the Journal as opposed to mailing the copies is "heating up." Both of these items will be discussion items at the Everett, Wash., Board meeting.

The nomination/awarding of Gold and Silver Medals will be accomplished during the convention and is an important part of the ARS being able to recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals on behalf of the Society. While both of these awards come at the Society level chapters should be actively recognizing and encouraging local participation by use of the Bronze Medal at their discretion. People are motivated to participate when they feel appreciated and the medals are an expression of that appreciation.

Looking forward to a good convention in Everett with renewal of friendships and the chance to view outstanding gardens (and recognize the efforts put forth by their owners/volunteers to establish and maintain them for public enjoyment).