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Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal: Carol Yee

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Carol Yee in recognition of her years of service to our Connecticut Chapter. Carol has been a dependable and enthusiastic supporter of the chapter, and we have greatly benefited from her generosity in providing quality rhododendrons, azaleas, and companion plants to our April and October plant auctions, the major fundraising events of our organization.

Carol's professionalism in horticulture grew immensely at Prides Corner Farms, a large wholesale nursery in Lebanon, where she worked for ten years as a Liner Supervisor. She became fascinated with propagating rhododendrons and other numerous species of woody plants which were not readily available in the trade. Carol has often stated, "If it is different or strange or kind of weird, I like it."

In addition to her work at Prides Corner, Carol established her own small nursery, Carol's Collectibles, in Ashford which offers over 250 hybrids of rhododendrons on her current website as well as hundreds of deciduous azaleas, evergreen azaleas, interesting conifers, and collectible perennials. She is assisted by Little Bit, a small energetic terrier, who greets the arrival of every vehicle with the hope that the visitors will take a few moments to play ball with her.

Carol is moving her nursery to Belfast, Maine, but plant collectors and gardening fans of Carol's Collectibles will be able to stay in touch by emailing Carol. The Connecticut Chapter wishes Carol and Little Bit the best of luck in their new location. It is with great pleasure that we present Carol Yee with the Bronze Medal, the highest honor a chapter in the American Rhododendron Society can award.

Bronze Medal: Carol Fritz

The Maine Chapter is pleased to award Carol Fritz with the Bronze Medal in recognition of 15 years of support and services to our chapter. Carol and her husband, Ron, joined the chapter in 1994. She lost her husband soon after, but she has continued as an active member.

Carol served on the nominating committee for two terms. She runs the business end of our yearly rhododendron auction. It wouldn't be so successful without her. She was and is responsible for our wonderful display garden signs. She has helped every year with the weeding. She has served as both a director and vice-president. Her home gardens of mature rhododendrons begun by Carol and her husband years ago are well worth a visit. Carol's dedication has contributed enormously to our success as a chapter.

Carol, for your untiring work on behalf of the Maine Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, we are most grateful.

Bronze Medal: Terry and Nannette Giomi

The Noyo Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is honored to present its highest recognition, a Bronze Medal, to Terry and Nannette Giomi for your ongoing commitment to making the Noyo Chapter inviting and viable to both its members and guests.

You've functioned in a variety of ways, serving as president, treasurer, and a director. You've taken the responsibility for publicity, membership, refreshments, hospitality, and a number of functions at our annual shows. You‘ve opened your home for meetings, show organizing, hosted dinners for judges from our shows, and provided lodging for our guests.

More than any of these specific functions your contributions to the chapter as the "get-it-done" team has been invaluable. You've done all this in spite of being members for only a half dozen years. It is not inconsequential that your involvement coincides with the growth and success of the Noyo Chapter.

In bestowing a Bronze Medal, the Noyo Chapter is honored to acknowledge the commitment and leadership of Terry and Nannette Giomi.

Bronze Medal: Phyllis T. Rittman

The Potomac Valley Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Phyllis T. Rittman the Bronze Medal in recognition of her many contributions in support of our chapter. Phyllis has served as our chapter treasurer for many years. Not only has she managed our chapter finances but she has also maintained our membership records and published our roster. She has assumed other demanding responsibilities including treasurer for the 2003 District Meeting and treasurer for the 2006 Joint Convention of the American Rhododendron Society and the Azalea Society of America. She has been a tireless worker at our plant sales, auctions, banquets, picnics, flower shows, and numerous other chapter activities. With deepest appreciation for her dedicated service, kindness, and willingness to help whenever needed, we present to Phyllis T. Rittman the ARS Bronze Medal, the highest honor our chapter is able to bestow. McLean, Virginia, November 1, 2009.

Bronze Medal: Dr. William Mark Zurich, Jr.

It is with sincere and genuine appreciation that we acknowledge Bill Zurich's many contributions to our Society. A member of ARS for more than two decades, Bill served as an active member of the Board of Directors, as vice president, and as a willing and enthusiastic volunteer and supporter of all of our chapter activities.

An avid rhododendron collector, a skillful plantsman, and a keen observer of the genus, Bill created what is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful gardens in America. Anxious to share, generous to a fault, Bill's beloved garden was always open to visitors and formed the backdrop for numerous garden tours, picnics, and cutting exchanges. The spectacular flower trusses from Bill's garden - too numerous to mention, too beautiful to describe - often made up the bulk of winning entries in chapter shows and other displays.

But beyond this, the overarching memory fresh in all our minds, the thing for which Bill was known - will always be known - was his great passion for life and his love for his wife and family, his profession, and his wondrous garden. It is with great affection and great respect that we present this Bronze Medal, our highest award, on March 22, 2009.