JARS v64n1 - In Memoriam: Gilbert Myers

In Memoriam: Gilbert Myers

Gilbert Myers, one of the founding members of the Mason-Dixon Chapter, passed away May 30, 2009. Gilbert and his wife of 57 years, Helen, joined the American Rhododendron Society as life members in the early 1950s. Gilbert's getting tired of driving to the Potomac Valley Chapter meetings in Washington, D. C., was a major factor in the formation of the new Mason-Dixon Chapter in 1981. Helen Myers became the chapter's first president, but the quiet Gilbert played a big role behind the scenes in many chapter activities.

In addition to being Helen's "shovel man," Gilbert's woodworking skills provided many of the items used at our annual show and sale, the most notable being the plaques identifying the major award winners. He surprised us all when the Mason-Dixon Chapter made a garden tour CD to mark the chapter's 25th anniversary. Most people tend to get a little nervous and hem and haw when they are in front of a movie camera. Not Gilbert! He may have had more to say then than many members had ever heard him say.

Gilbert Myers was one of those members whose activities were often not obvious, but the type of person that every chapter needs. Gilbert was always there when there was work to be done. Three children and four grandchildren survive in addition to his wife.