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The Vireya Venture Newsletter
Graham Price
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Graham Price

The Vireya Venture (TVV) newsletter can be a useful resource to vireya enthusiasts because it contains many articles and letters that convey the wisdom of experienced collectors and requests for assistance about the many different situations that readers encounter. We have always found it fascinating to read old newsletter issues and imagine it is similarly of interest to others.

Over the years we have been asked many times if back-issues of The Vireya Venture were available, but we could only send copies of back-issues produced since we became editors, that is, from Issue #55 in December 2004.

This deficiency has now been rectified. We have scanned all TVV back-issues, from the initial Issue #1 produced in September 1990 to Issue #70 in January this year, and Chris Callard has mounted them on his wonderful vireya website: www.vireya.net. Thanks for doing this Chris.

Copies are available to everyone everywhere as pdf files (Portable Document Format) files which can be read directly on that website or they can be downloaded to your own computer and read at leisure or printed out.

When you open up the www.vireya.net site in you internet browsing program, you will be on the site's Home Page and the heading "Newsletters" will appear on the right hand side of the ribbon banner. If you hover your mouse over that heading two options will come up; one for The Vireya Venture and one for Vireya Vine . By clicking on the one for The Vireya Venture , a brief description appears of what The Vireya Venture is together with instructions on how to open any specific issue. Below that is a list of issues, starting at Issue #1, and the rest of the list appears if you scroll down with your mouse wheel. Left click your mouse on the pdf icon for the back-issue you want and the first page of that issue will appear in a new window on your computer screen. By scrolling down, subsequent newsletter pages will be presented. You may need to increase the magnification to 100% to be able to read it clearly (left click the ‘+' symbol in the centre of the ribbon above the page to increase magnification). If you want to print that issue, left click on the printer symbol at the left end of the ribbon. If you want to save the file to your computer, left click on the disk symbol next to the printer symbol.

Subscription to the newsletter is free for distribution by email. Contributions to future issues of The Vireya Venture , such as letters and emails (preferred) describing what you are doing with vireyas, or any interesting items you come across, hopefully including photos as these make stories more interesting for readers, can be sent to the Editors.