JARS v64n3 - Tips for Beginners: Root Weevils

Tips for Beginners: Root Weevils
Reprinted from the Vancouver Chapter March 2010 newsletter

Chuck Floyd, of the Peace Arch Chapter, stated that he controls weevils by spreading birdseed under his rhodos (he recommends a non-sprouting variety, but many garden centres don't seem to know what that is). The birds are attracted to the seed, and presumably eat the weevils and other pests at the same time.

[Editors note: checking on the web, it appears that heating seeds in a microwave may prevent their germination, but times were not indicated and results may be variable. (An anecdote is that UK customs and excise used to use that trick in the days when it was legal to bring hemp (cannabis) seed into the UK. Anyone found with the seed, had it taken away for examination during which it was put into a microwave before being politely returned. The poor hippies never knew why their seed failed to germinate. The US Government still requires that Nyjer seed be heat sterilized to prevent its sprouting). Another suggestion is baking the seeds in a slow oven, but in either case, sterlisation effects on nutritive quality are not stated. Many commercially sold "No sprout seeds" are either hulled or cracked seed.]