QBARS - v6n2 The 1952 Rhododendron Show

The 1952 Rhododendron Show
May 17 and 18
Portland Chamber Of Commerce Service Information Center, Portland, Oregon
Eighth Annual Show And Cut Truss Competition

Commercial exhibits at 1952 Rhododendron Show

THE DR. WILLIAM CORBIN RHODODENDRON Cup II: Will be awarded on points won in cut truss competition. This award must be won three times by an exhibitor for permanent possession thereof.

THE DR. GEORGE GOODMAN Cup: Awarded for the best American Seedling Rhododendron never before shown at an A.R.S. Show. Awarded annually, and a single win will evidence permanent possession. This award will be given in class 32.

AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY PLAQUE: To be awarded for the best exhibit of plants displayed by nurserymen.

AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY RIBBONS: Will be given to all first, second and third place winners.