QBARS - v6n2 Schedule of Classes and Classification Key

Schedule Of Classes And Classification Key

CLASS 1 (Species)
GROUP A. Alpines. Best group of blooms or potted plants.
GROUP B. Triflorum series. One spray, not to exceed 18".
GROUP C. Azaleas Three sprays of species not to exceed 18".
GROUP D. Fortunei series. Single truss.
GROUP E. Neriiflorum series. Single truss.
GROUP F. Taliense subseries. Single truss.
GROUP G. Campylocarpum subseries. One spray not to exceed 18".
GROUP H. Thomsonii series. One spray not to exceed 18".
GROUP I. Maddenii or Edgeworthii series. One spray not to exceed 18".
GROUP J. Cinnabarinum series. One spray not to exceed 18".
GROUP K. Falconeri series. Single truss.
GROUP L. Parishii subseries. Single truss.
GROUP M. Scabrifolium series. One spray not to exceed 18".
GROUP N. Virgatum series. One spray not to exceed 18".
GROUP O. Griffithianum subseries. Single truss.
GROUP P. Ponticum series. Single truss.

CLASS 2 (Red Hybrids)
GROUP A. Single truss any Scarlet Hybrid (Orange Reds).
GROUP B. Single truss any Crimson Hybrid (Blue Reds).
GROUP C. Single truss any Vermillion to Blood Red Hybrid.
GROUP D. Single truss any red with Prominent Blotch.

CLASS 3 (Pink Hybrids)
GROUP A. Single truss Blush Pink Hybrid.
GROUP B. Single truss Deep Pink Hybrid.
GROUP C. Single truss Lilac Tinged Hybrid.
GROUP D. Single truss any Pink with Prominent Blotch

CLASS 4 (White Hybrid)
GROUP A. Single truss. Pure White Hybrid.
GROUP B. Single truss. White tinged with Pink.
GROUP C. Single truss. White. Lilac tinged.
GROUP D. Single truss. Any White with Prominent Blotch
GROUP E. Single truss. Ivory or Cream White.

CLASS 5 (Blue Hybrid)
GROUP A. Single spray, small leaf hybrid.
GROUP B. Single truss.

CLASS 6 (Purple Hybrid)
GROUP A. Single truss. Lavender and / or Lilac.
GROUP B. Single truss. Deep purple.

CLASS 7 (Yellow Hybrids)
GROUP A. Single truss. Lemon yellow.
GROUP B. Single truss. Cream.

CLASS 8 (Apricot Hybrid)
GROUP A. Single truss, tinged with Pink.
GROUP B. Single truss, tinged with Yellow.

CLASS 9 (Orange-Salmon Hybrid)
GROUP A. Single truss of Fabia, any shade.
GROUP B. Single truss, Salmon-pink.
GROUP C. Single truss, Orange.

CLASS 10 (Azaleodendron)
GROUP A. Single spray not to exceed 12".
GROUP B. Single truss.

CLASS 11 (Azaleas)
GROUP A. 3 sprays evergreen not to exceed 18".
GROUP B. 3 sprays deciduous no to exceed 18".
GROUP C. 3 sprays any Occidentale hybrid, not to exceed 18".
GROUP D. 3 sprays Kurume not to exceed 12".
GROUP E. 3 sprays Indica not to exceed 12".
GROUP F. 3 sprays Mollis not to exceed 18".
GROUP G. 3 sprays Hose-in-hose not to exceed 12".
GROUP H. 3 sprays Mucronatum Ledifolia not to exceed 18".

Single truss of any Arboreum hybrid.

Single truss of any Augustinii hybrid.

Single truss of any Campylocarpum hybrid.

Single truss of any Ciliatum hybrid.

Single spray of any Cinnabarinum hybrid.

Single truss of any Dichroanthum Hybrid.

Single truss of any Discolor hybrid.

Single truss of any Didymum Hybrid.

Single truss of any Eriogynum hybrid.

Single truss of any Fabia hybrid.

Single truss of any Fortunei hybrid.

Single truss of any Griersonianum hybrid.

Single truss of any Griffithianum hybrid.

Single truss of any Loderi varieties.

Single truss of any Neriiflorum hybrid.

Single truss of any Thomsonii hybrid.

Single truss of any Williamsianum hybrid.

Single truss of any Repens hybrid.

DR. GEO. GOODMAN CUP AWARD:  A plant, or single truss with foliage, of any American seedling never before shown at an A.R.S. show is eligible for this award. Parentage must be shown. Quality must meet with the approval of the awards committee or cup may be withheld. Plants entered in this class may be rated by the Awards Committee if requested by the exhibitor.

CLASS 31 Imported New Hybrid never shown at an A.R.S. Show. GROUP A. Single truss.
GROUP B. Single plant in bloom.

A group of 5 hybrids entered as a single exhibit.

A group of 3 Species in any one series.

Single truss of any hybrid out of a species not provided for in classes 12 to 29 inclusive.

Any unnamed American hybrid. Not eligible (first time shown) in class 30. All entries will be judged on their own merits. Parentage should be shown. Entries in this class may be rated by the awards committee if requested by the exhibitor.

Single truss of any fragrant rhododendron.

The following key for the classification of trusses to be entered in all American Rhododendron Society Shows fills a long wanted need. Under the previous schedules used at Society exhibitions many of the older but still very fine hybrids could not be entered in competition against newer and clearer colored trusses. It is hoped that exhibitors will use the key in making their entries at the Show. By simply looking up the name of the hybrid in the key, the classes under which the truss can be entered.

A. Bedford 5-B Barclayi var. Robt. Fox 2-C  2 7
A. B. Mitford 2-B Barnet Glory 2-A
Adrian Koster 7-B Baroness H. Schroder 4-A
Adrastia 26  28 Baron Schroder 6-B
Afterflow 3-C B. de Bruin 2-C
Aladdin 9-B  23 Beau Brummell 2-A  20
Albatross 4-A  18  25 Beacon 9-21
Alice 3 B Beauty of Bagshot 4-A
Alice Martineau 3-D Beauty of Littleworth 4-A  24
Ambrose 2-C  26 Bernard Gill 3-B
Amy 2 C Betty Wormald 3-D
Angelo 3-A  18  24 Black Beauty 2-B
Annie E. Endz 3-A Black Prince
Anthony Waterer 3-A Blue Diamond 5-A  13
Antoon Van Welie 3-B Blue Ensign 5-B
Apple Blossom 4-B Blue Pete 5-B
Armistice Day 2-C Blue Tit 5-A  13
Argosy var. Snow White 4-A  18 Blushing Beauty 3-A
Arthur Osborn 2-A  19  23 Bodartianum 4-D 12 14
Arthur J. Ivens 28 Bonfire 2-C  18  23
Ascot Brilliant 2-B Bonito 4-D  18
Astarte 8-B  17 Bo-peep 7 B
Augfast 5-A  13 Borde Hill 2-C
Avalanche 22 Bow Bells 28
Azor 9-B  18  23 Break of Day 3-B  17
Azma 3-B  22 23 Broughtonii 2-B
Bagshot Ruby 2-B Broughtonii Aureum 10-B
Bahram 3-A Bulstrode Park 2-C
Ballerina 3-A Buttercup 7-A
Barbara 14 Butterfly 7-A
Barclayi var. Helen Fox 2-B  27
Canary 7-A Cunninghams White 4-A
Carex Blush 3-A Cynthia 2-B
Carmen 19 29 Dairy Maid 7-A
Cavalcade 2-A  23 Dalhousiae Victorianum 7-A
C. B. Van Nes 2-A Damaris 7-B  14
Chanticleer 2-A  20  27 Dame Nellie Melba 3-B  12
Chev. Felix de Sauvage 2-D Damozel 23
China 7-A  22 David 2-C  26
Chintz 3-D  22 Day Dream 2-A  23
Chionoides 4-E Diane 7-B  14
Christmas Cheer 3-A Dawn 4-B
Cilpinense 15 Dawns Delight 3-B  24
Citronella 7-A Devonshire Cream 7-B
Clementine Lemaire 3-D Dido 9-C 17
Compactum Multiflorum 3-A Diphole Pink 3-B
Conical Kate 2-B Direktor Hjelm 3-D
Cornish Cross 3-B  24  27 Diva 23
Cornubia 2-C  12 Dolly 23
Corona 3-B Doncaster 2-D
Corry Koster 3-B Dorothea 4-D  24
Countess of Athlone 6-A Dr. Arnold W. Endz 3-B
Countess of Derby 3-B Dr. O. Blok 3-B  24
Countess of Haddington 15  36 Dr. Stocker 4-E  24
Countess of Sefton 36 Dr. W. F. Wery 2-C
C. P. Raffil 23 Duchess of Connaught 4-D
Crossbill 8-B Duchess of Portland 4-A
Cunninghams Sulphur 7-A Duchess of Teck 3-B
Earl of Athlone 2-C Garibaldi 2-A
Edith 2-D Garnet 3-B  24
Edith Mackworth Praed 2-A G. A. Sims 2-B
Eileen 3-D G. B. Simpson 6-A
Elizabeth 23  29 Geoffrey Millais 4-A
Elsa Crisp 3-B Geo. Cunningham 4-D
Elsae 7-B Geo. Hardy 3-A
Elspeth Slocock 8-A G. H. Baitland King 2-B
Emasculum 6-A Gills Crimson 2-B  24
Emeline Buckley 2-D Gills Gloriosa 3-B  24
Emily Mungles 3-D Gills Goliath 3-B
Endsleigh Pink 2-B Gills Triumph 3-B  12  24
Erebus 2-A  23  21 Gladys 7-B  14  22
Ernest Gill 2-B  12  22 Glory of Bagshot 4-A
Esmeralda 3-B  26 Glory of Leonardlee 2-A
Essex Scarlet 2-A Glory of Littleworth 10
Everestianum 6-A Glory of Penjerrick 2-A  12  24
Eupheno 23 Goldfinch 8-A
Exburience 19 Goldfort 7-B  22
Exoniense 36 Goblin 9-B  23
Fabia 9-A  17  21  23 Golden Horn 9-C  17
Faggetters Favorite 3-B  24 Goldsworth Crimson 2-B
Fair Helen 4-D Goldsworth Orange 9-C  17  18
Fastuosum flore plena 6-A Goldsworth Pink 3-B
F. C. Puddle 2-A 23  26 Goldsworth Purple 6-B
Fire Ball 2-C Goldsworth White 4-A
Firebird 23 Goldsworth Yellow 8-B  14
Flare 2 C Gomer Waterer 4-C
Forsterianum 36 Gowenianum 10
Fragrantissimum 36 Graf Zeppelin 3-B
Frank Galsworthy 6-B Grand Arab 2-B
Friesland 6-A Grenadier 19
Fusilier 2-A  23 Grierdal 23
Galloper Light 10
Halcyone 27 Iviza 9  21
Hammondii 3-B Jacksonii 3-B
Handsworth Scarlet 2-C James Burchett 4-D
Handsworth White 4-A Jan Dekens 3-B
Harvest Moon 4-D Jan Steen 7-B  21
Hawk 7-A Jasper 17
Helen Schiffner 4-A Jean Marie de Montague 2-B
His Majesty 3-B Jean 23
H. M. Arderne 3-B J. G. Millais 2-C
Horsham 2-C J. H. Van Nes 2-B
Hugh Koster 2-B J. J. de Vink 2-A
Hugh Wormold 2-A Jock 23  28
Humming Bird 28 J. W. Fleming 3-A
Hyperion 4-D  29 John Walter 2-B
Ibex 23 Joseph Whitworth 6-B
Idealist 4-D  29 Julie 6-A
Isabella 3-A  24 Jupiter 3-C
Impi 19 Karkov 23
Impeanum Kate Greenaway 3-B
Independence Day 2-D Keay Slocock 4-D
Intrifast 5-A Kewense 3-A  22  24
Ivanhoe 23 Kew Pearl 3-A
Iverys Scarlet 2-C King George 2-C
Lady Alice Fitzwilliam 4-A Loderi Dairymaid 22 24 25
Lady Anne Hede Trafford 3-D Loderi Fairyland 22 24 25
Lady Bessborough 7-B  14  18 Loderi Fairy Queen 22  24  25
Lady Bligh 2-C Loderi Game Chick 22  24  25
Lady Chamberlain 16 Loderi Georgette 22  24  25
Lady Clementine Mitford 3-B Loderi Helen 22  24  25
Lady de Rothschild 3-A Loderi Julie 22  24  25
Lady Eleanor Cathcart 3-B 12 Loderi King George 4-E  22  24  25
Lady Grey Egerton 6-A Loderi May Pink 22  24  25
Lady Harcourt 3-B Loderi Millais Pink 22  24  25
Lady Longman 3-D Loderi Patience 4-E  22  24  25
Lady Montague 3-B  24 Loderi Pink Cora 22  24  25
Lady Primrose 7 Loderi Pink Diamond 3-A  22  24  25
Lady Roseberry 16 Loderi Pink Glamour 22  24  25
Lady Stewart of Wortley 3-B  16 Loderi Pink Topaz 22  24  25
Lady Bird 3-B  18 Loderi Princess Marina 22  24  25
Langley Park 2-C Loderi Sir Edmund 4-E 22 24 25
Langworth 4-D Loderi Sir J. Hooker 3-A 22 24 25
Lavender Girl 6-A  22 Loderi Stags Head 22  24  25
Lees Dark Purple 7-B Loderi Superlative 4-A  22  24  25
Lees Scarlet 3-B Loderi Venus 3-A  22  24  25
Letty Edwards 7-B  14  22 Loderi White Diamond 22  24  25
Lewis Carroll 4-B Loders White 4-A
Lisa Stillman 3-B Loders Fairhaven 3-B
Little Ben 26  29 Lord Swaythling 3-B
Little Bert 29 Louis Pasteur 3-A
Little Bill 28 Luscombei Leonardslee 3-A
Lodauric 4-A Luscombes Scarlet 2-A
Mabel 8-A Mozart 4-D
Mdm. Masson 4-D Mrs. A. C. Kendrick 3-B
Mdm. A. Moser 6-A Mrs. A. Macintosh 4-C
Mdm. de Bruin 2-A Mrs. Anthony Waterer 4-D
Mdm. Ed. Denny 2-D Mrs. Ashley Slocock 8-B
Mdm. Fr. J. Chauvin 3-D Mrs. A. M. Williams 2-B
Mdm. Ida Rubenstein 3-A Mrs. A. T. de la Mare 4-D
Mdm. Jyles Porges 4-D Mrs. Betty Robertson 7-B
Mahmoud 6-A Mrs. C. B. Van Nes 2-B
Maidens Blush 3-A Mrs. Chas. Pearson 6-A
Marcia 14 Mrs. Davies Evans 6-A
Marchioness of Lansdown 3-D Mrs. Donald Graham 9-B  23
Marchioness of Londonderry 3-B Mrs. E. C. Sterling 3-A  24
Margaret 3-B Mrs. E. Hilliar 3-B
Margaret Bean 8-A  14 Mrs. Furnival 3-D
Margaret Dunn 8-A  18  21 Mrs. Geo. Paul 3-A
Margery Slocock 3-B Mrs. Gwen Broderick 3-B
Marinus Koster 3-D Mrs. G. W. Leak 3-D
Mars 2-C Mrs. Helen Koster 6-A
Mary Waterer 3-D Mrs. H. Stocker 2-C
Mariloo Mrs. J. C. Williams 3-A
Matador 2-A  23 Mrs. J. J. Crosfield 3-D
Mauve Queen 6-A Mrs. John Clutton 4-A
Max Sye 2-C Mrs. J. G. Millais 4-D
May Day 2-A  23 Mrs. L. A. Dunnett 3-B
May Templar 2-B Mrs. Lindsay Smith 4-A
Medusa 2 B Mrs. Lionel de Rothschild 4-D
Mevr. P. A. Colijn 3-B Mrs. L. M. Hayes Palmer 2-D
Michael Waterer 2-B Mrs. Mary Ashley 9-B
Midsummer 3-B Mrs. P. D. Williams 4-E
Miss Betty Stewart 2-C Mrs. Peter Koster 3-B
Miss Montague 2-A Mrs. Philip Martineau 3-D
Miss Noreen Beamish 3-B Mrs. R. Gill 3-B
Miss Watson 3-A Mrs. Robt. W. Wallace 3-D
Mohamet 17 Mrs. R. S. Holford 9-B
Moliere 3-C Mrs. T. H. Lowinsky 3-A
Moonglow 8-A Mrs. Walter Burns 4-D
Moonstone 14  28 Mrs. W. C. Slocock 8-A  14
Mosers Maroon 2-C Mrs. Tom Watson 3-A
Mother of Pearl 4-A Mrs. H. Agnew 3-B
Mount Everest 4-D Mrs. W. R. Dykes 3-B
Nanette 3-D Pauline 3-B
Naomi 22 Penelope 2-B  23
Naomi var. Early Dawn 3-A  22 Penjerrick 4-E  14  24
Naomi var. Exbury 3-B  22 Peter Koster 2-B
Naomi var. Glow 3-B  22 Philip Waterer 3-B
Naomi var. Nautilus 3-A  22 Pilgrim 3-A  22
Naomi var. Carissima 3-A  22 Pink Beauty 3-B
Naomi var. Hope 3-C  22 Pink Delight 4-B  12
Naomi var. Nereid 22 Pink Pearl 3-A
Naomi var. Pink Beauty 3-B  22 Pink Perfection 3-B
Naomi var. Stella Maris 22 Pink Queen 3-A
Naomi var. Astarte 3-A  22 Polar Bear 4-A
Nell Gwynne 22 Praecox 15
Nellie 22 Pride of Kernick 3-B
Nereid 17  26 Prince of Wales 3-B
Neriihaem 2-A 26 Princess Alice 4-A  15
N. N. Sherwood 3-B Princess Elizabeth 2-B
Nobleanum 3-B 12 Prof. F. Bettex 2-C
Nobleanum Album Prof . Hugo de Vries 3-B
Nobleanum Coccinum 2-A Prof. J. H. Zaayer 2-C
Nobleanum Venustum 3-B Purple Emperor 6-B
Norman Gill 4-D  24 Purple Splendor 6-B
Nuneham Park 2-C Pygmalion 2-D
Odoratum 10 Queen of the May 4-A  23
Old Port 6-A Queen of Souriya 7-B  14  22
Oreocinn 16 Queen Wilhelmina 3-B
Racil 15 Schubert 6-A
Radium 23 Sesterianum 4-E
Ragged Robin 2-B Shilsonii 2-C  27
Rainbow 3-B Shot Silk 17-14
Raoul Millais 3-B Sir Chas. Lemon 4-A  27
Red Cap 19  20 Sir Frederick Moore 3-B  18
Red Eagle 3-A Sir J. Ramsden 7-B  27
Red Riding Hood 3-C Sir Richard Garton 2-B
Red Star 2-B  27 Smithii aureum 10
Richard Gill 3-B Snow Queen 4-A
Riviera Beauty 2-B Souv. de D. A. Koster 2-A
Romany Chai 2-A  23 Souv. de Dr. S. Endtz 2-B
Romany Chal 2-A  20 Souv. of A. Waterer 2-B
Rosa Mundi 3-A Souv. de Mdm. J. H. Van Nes 2-A
Rosamund Millais 3-D Souv. W. C. Slocock 8-B
Rose Perfection 3-B Spinulosum 3-A
Rosy Bell 2-B  15 Stanley Davies 2-C
Rosy Morn 2-A Starfish 3-B
Roul 9-B Stella 3-B
Royal Flush 16 Strategist 3-B
Rubina 2-B 19 Sun of Austerlitz 2-C
St. George 3-A Sunrise 3-A  23
Sapphire 5 Sunset 8 A
Sappho 4-D Susan 6-A  14
Sarita Loder 3-A  23 Sweet Simplicity 4-B
Saturn 2 A Symphony 3-A
Scandinavia 2-B
Tally Ho 2-A  20  23 Vanguard 23
Ted Waterer 6-A Van Nes Sensation 6-A
Temple Belle 28 Veitchianum 4-D
The Bride 4-A  24 Victorianum 7-B
The Don 3-B  24 Violet Parsons 9-B
The Hon. Joyce Montague 2-A Viscountess Elveden 2-B
The King 2-B Vulcan 2-A  23
Thomwilliams 27  28 Waterer Caucasicum 3-A
Thunderstorm 2-C  27 Waterer Hybridum 3-B
Tom Willis Fleming 2-C Westward Ho 3-B
Toreador 23 White Cloud 4-A
Trebah Gem 2-C  27 White Pearl 4-A
Trilby 2 D White Samite 4-A
Tyermannii 7-B White Swan 4-B
Unique 7-B William Godfrey 3-A
Unknown Warrior 2-C William Watson 3-A  24
Ungerio 20 Wimfren White 3-B
Valewood Pink 3-A Yvonne 4-A  24
Vanessa 9-B  23 Yvonne Opaline 4-B
Vanity 4-A Zuyder Zee 7-A  14