QBARS - v6n4 Minutes of Meeting of American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, September 18, 1952

Minutes of Meeting of the A. R. S., Portland, Oregon, September 18, 1952
Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary

The first Fall meeting of the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society was called to order by President, C. I. Sersanous in the Auditorium of the Journal Bldg. The reading of the minutes of the May meeting were dispensed with as they had been printed in the July Bulletin.

New members and guests were introduced. The members coming from the greatest distance were Mr. Brian Mulligan, Curator of the University of Washington Arboretum, Seattle, Wash. and Mr. Carl P. Fawcett of Tacoma, Wash. Mr. Fawcett brought down with him two beautiful little plantsĀ  of 'Little Joe' ( repens x 'May Day'). The flowers were bell-shaped and an excellent red color. This cross had been made by Mr. Lester Brandt of Tacoma, seven years ago.

John G. Bacher was called upon to make a report of the Test Garden. He told of the necessity of providing an area for the growing of the more dwarf types of rhododendrons. Such an area is suitably located at the North end of our Island and plans are now underway to construct a rock garden for the cultivation of the dwarfs. Aside from this project our City Park Bureau is now converting the shelter building to rest rooms. This will be a great improvement and brings us a step closer to our realization of holding our annual show in this Test Garden.

Dr. Clarke, Chairman of the Nomenclature Committee, made a brief report and reiterated that new plant names should be recorded with the secretary.

Mr. Fred Sievers, of Washougal, Wash. who is a National Representative of the Men's Garden Club of America, recently found specimens of the R. albiflorum on Mt. Adams. Mr. Sievers gave a most interesting talk on this very rare Northwest rhododendron and later in the program some fine slides of this plant were shown.

Five rhododendrons were donated for auction by Mr. P. P. Van Bruggen. This netted the Chapter $17.35.

After an intermission the program on azaleas was presented. This consisted of a panel. Dr. Clarke acted as moderator. Mr. Brian Mulligan discussed the Glen Dale Azaleas, John Henny talked on the Exbury varieties, Dr. Clarke on the Knaphill varieties, Irving Lincoln on the Dutch and occidentale hybrids and Ben Lancaster on hybridization.

Slides were then shown of each of the above mentioned varieties. Additional slides on azaleas had been graciously sent to us by Dr. Fred Coe of Maryland. All the slides were beautiful and greatly enjoyed.

Meeting adjourned.