QBARS - v7n2 The Rhododendron Trial Garden

The Rhododendron Trial Garden
J. G. Bacher

Azalea border at the Trial Garden
Fig. 21.  Azalea border at the Trial Garden,
site of the 1953 A.R.S. Show at Portland Oregon
Bacher photo

Astonishing as it may seem our Trial Garden will prove itself the best of all outdoor attractions to be found in the Pacific Northwest and it will be an obligation of our entire membership to go and see this unique island of rhododendrons in the heart of the Eastmoreland Golf course well within the city limits of Portland. After seeing it ourselves it won't be difficult to tell our friends about and ask them to verify our opinions and impressions of it. Very often one of the greatest favors we can offer traveling friends is to inform them of beauty spots so unusual and charming and tell them of its nearness. If the visitor happens to go there any time between March first and August 31 he will find there more rhododendrons of all kinds than he ever imagined could be seen in one spot the nation over and their health and vigor is an inspiration to any one the least bit garden or plant minded. Also one is bound to observe that when in flower they far exceed in beauty any other shrub known the world over.

Most visitors will reflect on how nice to have such things at home yet in how many States are rhododendrons being grown. Of more interest even would be to learn how many other regions are adapted to growing rhododendrons. Through our publications we learn of a lot of things that make life richer and a more satisfying experience, through our widening grasp on the beauty of Rhododendrons. Landscapes would improve many fold if rhododendrons were given the proper opportunity to function normally by the landscape architects and gardeners.