QBARS - v7n2 Gold Medal Award Citation to Joseph B. Gable

Gold Medal Award Citation To Joseph B. Gable

The American Rhododendron Society awards its highest honor, The Gold Medal, in grateful acknowledgment of thirty years of accomplishment in the investigation and hybridization of the Rhododendron genus.

Your creation of hybrid azaleas of the obtusum subseries much hardier than any heretofore available, in a complete color range with a diversity of flower forms has been a triumph of the hybridist's art. The Gable hybrid Azaleas have been an important contribution to the horticulture of large areas of the country.

Your hybrid rhododendrons represent an enormous advancement in quality for the Northeastern United States. They are the first rhododendrons commercially introduced since the importation of the Waterer hybrids from England in 1876 which promise to find a wide acceptance and an enduring place in American gardens.

The Gold Medal Award is also made in consideration of your pioneer investigations of a multitude of Asian Rhododendron species and their hybrids to determine their adaptability to the climate of the Eastern United States. The hardy forms isolated in a score of species grown from seeds provided by collectors in Asia have enriched the horticultural resources of the East.

To JOSEPH B. GABLE, for ethics of the highest standard, for humility of spirit and generosity of act, this Gold Medal formally marks the recognition by the AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY of your many achievements as it also signifies the esteem, affection and appreciation of your associates in the Society.

By unanimous action of the Board of Directors, Portland, Oregon, February 6, 1953.