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R. 'Conemaugh'
Wales Wood

R. 'Conemaugh'
Fig. 19.  R. 'Conemaugh', a free flowering hybrid
Wood photo

Among the first rhododendron plants that we secured it was our good fortune to get a plant of R. 'Conemaugh' (Fig. 19) ( racemosum x mucronulatum ). I don't recall the year that we obtained the plant, but it was about ten years ago. The plant was then several years old and the following spring gave us a nice show of bloom, and has continued to produce beautiful bloom every spring. We prefer the plant's habit, of growth to either of its parents; it is well branched and has reached a height of about four feet; is not deciduous like its parent mucronulatum. The bloom is a lavender with a pink cast, very similar to R. mucronulatum except the bloom opens approximately a week or two later, thus making a very good sequence in the blooming period. We have used this plant in the foreground with Forsythia in back. Both plants come into bloom at the same time making a beautiful display of yellow and orchid, a combination of colors always delightful to view.

This planting is in one of the most arid areas of our garden and is exposed to full sun, even during the hottest part of the day. Gardeners appreciate hardy plants like this, particularly in August and September when so many of the rhododendron plants are crying for water and the gardener is desirous of some relaxation.

We wonder about the history of this hybrid. The cross was made by Mr. Joseph Gable, who apparently sent the plants of this cross, together with some of his other