QBARS - v8n1 Election


By February 15th of each year, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee to consist of a Chairman and three or more members. They shall report to the President by March 15th the names of the nominees selected by the Committee. The names of the Nominating Committee and the nominees are to be printed in the April Quarterly Bulletin, together with a list of the offices to be filled and brief history of the qualifications of the candidate also to be printed in the April Bulletin.

Members are invited to suggest nominations to the Nominating Committee, and the names of any paid up members submitted for a particular office made by any group of five paid up members must be included in the ballot if in the hands of the Nominating Committee by April 1st. Nominations to be closed as of April 1st. Approximately April 15th a ballot including nominations by this Committee together with any nominations by a group or groups of the membership of one or more members for each vacancy among the officers and upon the Governing Body, shall be printed and mailed by the Secretary to all paid members. A postcard or return envelope to be used with instructions to be mailed so the ballot will be post-marked not later than May 10th.

Ballots shall be counted by the Governing Body or a ballot committee appointed by the President and the candidates receiving the most votes certified as elected. In case of a tie vote the Governing Body shall decide. The newly elected officers shall take office at the conclusion of the annual meeting.