QBARS - v8n1 Book Review

Book Review
Rudolph Henny

THE RHODODENDRON YEARBOOK (German) Rhododendron und immergròne, Laubehölze-Jahrbuch 1953 by the Rhododendron Society, Bremen, 87 pages. (Carl Schunemann, Bremen)

This comparatively new Society with 388 members has produced a commendable edition. The edition is profusely illustrated with fine black and white figures, and the articles are varied and interesting. Since most of the country near Bremen is quite frigid only the very hardy varieties are dealt with.

Some of the chapters deal with the following. Rhododendron degronianum on Mt. Fujiyama, Rhododendrons in the Parks, Rhododendrons in Finland, The Use of Hormones with Rhododendron Cuttings, Notes on Hybridizing Hardy Rhododendron, The Use of Rhododendrons in Parks and Cemeteries, Azaleodendron, and Azalea Hybrids.