QBARS - v8n1 Rating Survey

Rating Survey

American Rhododendron Society ratings for quite a few species and hybrids were published in the Bulletin for October, 1950, and January, 1951. The need for ratings for additional varieties, and a re-examination of those already rated. is evident as they provide valuable information to the prospective grower. All will undoubtedly agree that ratings have their limitations and that varieties rated as very hardy may, when subjected to unusual weather conditions, appear to be much more tender than their rating indicates. Likewise, varieties rated as of poor quality may, under special conditions, appear to be worthy of much higher rank, but in general the letters or symbols following the variety name in the catalog convey an important meaning to the reader.

There is probably no better way to obtain ratings than to ask a large number of people to consider their own experiences and put down their own evaluations for study and summarizing by a committee. Obviously any one person may have unusual growing conditions or he may even have a plant that is incorrectly named. It is important, therefore, to have just as many growers as possible indicate the raring: they would give to each variety. Hence all members are urged to fill out the rating blanks and return them promptly.

The results will be summarized and printed in the Year Book which is scheduled to appear in the Fall or early Winter of 1951.