QBARS - v8n2 A New Entrance to the American Rhododendron Society Trial Garden

A New Entrance To The A. R. S. Trial Garden

Bridge leading to the A.R.S. Trial Garden
Fig. 19.  A portion of the uncompleted bridge leading to the rock section
of the A.R.S. Trial Garden, at Crystal Springs Lake Island. The Bridge is
a part of the new approach to the grounds.

During the past months the Park Commission has installed off the street parking for visitors to the Gardens. This has necessitated the closing of the old entrance which was more or less a hazard since that entrance crossed through the golf fairway at Eastmoreland. The new entrance way will still be on 28th street, but several hundred feet farther North. The concrete walks and curbs along with the fill were finished in good time, and the bridge of several hundred feet across Crystal Springs Lake is almost completed. This bridge is set on pilings, and now places the entrance way on the north side of the garden. Visitors entering the Gardens will cross the bridge and come into the rock section that was started last year. The illustration shows the bridge near completion.