QBARS - v8n2 The Nomination of Members to the Office of Directors of the American Rhododendron Society

The Nomination of Members to The Office of Directors
of The American Rhododendron Society

Pursuant to the Amended and revised by-laws of the American Rhododendron Society covering Article 7, on elections Section A. as adopted by the Board of Directors April 24th, 1953. The Quarterly Bulletin of the Society shall contain a notice of the election. By February 15th of each year, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee to consist of a Chairman and three or more members. They shall report to the President by March 15th the names of the nominees selected by the Committee. The names of the Nominating Committee and the nominees are to be printed in the April Quarterly Bulletin together with a list of the offices to be filled. A brief history of the qualifications of the candidate also to be printed in the April Bulletin.

The committee on nomination appointed by the President, nominates the following members to fill the six vacancies of the Board of Directors of the American Rhododendron Society.

CECIL SMITH, Aurora, Oregon. Graduate of Oregon State College; large scale farming production of specialized grass seed; intensely interested in species rhododendron and the development of the trial Grounds. 1954 Show Chairman. Has a most delightful woodland garden featuring species at his home.

DR. CARL G. HELLER, Portland, Oregon. A specialist of Endocrinology in medicine and a specialist in dwarf hybrids and especially species in rhododendrons. Dr. Heller undertook the movement to collect all the Rock Expedition rhododendron species in the Rhododendron Bank at the trial Garden.

HOWARD SLONECKER, Oak Grove, Oregon. Civil Engineer; greatly interested in species rhododendrons and azaleas for many years.

JOHN BACKER, Portland, Oregon. Interested in all Horticulture; holder of several national awards in horticulture. Grew all the 1932 Rock Expedition rhododendron seeds of which there were over 375 packets. Interested in the trial Garden and Rockery section.

W. P. RIDDLESBARGER, Eugene, Oregon. Lawyer. A Collector of new hybrids and species, one of the forces behind a movement to develop the Garden and rhododendron park in Eugene, Oregon.

C. T. HANSEN. Portland, Oregon. Draftsman for Bonneville Power Commission. Rhododendron fancier, and collector. One of the hardest workers for the trial Garden.

DR. J. HAROLD CLARK, Long Beach, Washington. Ph. D. in Horticulture. Director of an immense cranberry growing project. Grower of rhododendrons. Editor of the Yearbook of the American Rhododendron Society.

GUY JOHNSON, Oswego, Oregon. U. S. Forest Service. Aided in the development of the trial Garden. Fancier.

CARL FAWCETT, Tacoma, Washington. Jeweler. A fancier of new rhododendrons and especially dwarf varieties.

W. E. WHITNEY, Camas, Washington. Retired; long time collector and fancier. Most willing to aid in the development of the trial Garden.