QBARS - v9n3 Cover Article

Cover Article
Rudolph Henny

The color illustration on the cover of the July edition of the Quarterly Bulletin is R. 'Mrs. Betty Robinson'. In the "Rhododendron Handbook" 1952 there is listed a R. 'Mrs. B. Robinson'. I am of the opinion that both names are synonymous since the description lists the color as cream tinged pink. R. 'Mrs. Betty Robinson' as it is known in this country comes out a rather dirty pink and then changes to a cream or pale yellow of rather pleasing color. After searching all publications including catalogues of leading nurseries in Great Britain I have been unable to find where or who originated this plant. The "Rhododendron Handbook" 1939 lists a R. 'Mrs. Betty Robertson' as white, tinged pink, small dark blotch. This description does not fit the plant, and surely must be ruled out.

The color plates were loaned to the Society by P. H. Brydon.