QBARS - v9n3 California Chapter Awarded Two Blue Ribbons For Exhibit at Garden Show

California Chapter Awarded Two Blue Ribbons For
Exhibit at Garden Show

The California Chapter was again called on to put in a rhododendron exhibit at the spring garden show and put forth its best effort to win a blue ribbon for the excellence of design, great number of varieties and the setting. A second blue ribbon was awarded for the introduction of R. 'Elizabeth', for the first showing in California.

Opening April 28th and running through May 6th, the colorful show was attended by more than one hundred thousand garden lovers. The Rhododendron Society was fortunate indeed to have the exhibit along the main entrance way, some eight feet wide and sixty feet long.

Heading up the work committee was Harry K. Roberts. With some fifteen years experience in garden shows, Mr. Roberts came up with his hardest job, laying out the exhibit, being so long and narrow it was difficult to work with until the plants were actually brought to the show by the members.

Members contributing plants included Everett Farwell Jr. with a truckload of large rhododendrons; Oliver De Silva, large rhododendrons and the lovely R. 'Elizabeth' that won the new introduction blue ribbon award for the Society; Jack Osegueda with many rhododendrons and azaleas; Mrs. Ashley Giauque, several rare rhododendrons; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice H. Sumner, rhododendrons and azaleas; and Toichi Domoto a fine group of R. impeditems .

The working members put in three nights from six to midnight and the Society is indeed thankful to Harry Roberts, Justin Greene, Dick Lyman, Jack Osegueda, and Everett Farwell and his son Gary for their effort. The California Chapter owes much thanks to Gary Farwell for his untiring work while neglecting his school work.

To give protection to the plants, a lath shade was put up extending out six feet, then several truckloads of wood shavings were put into the plot to add height to the background. Starting with one end a group of R. 'Unique' formed a mass of yellow dropping down to a group of R. 'Carita' and R. 'Dairymaid' in complementary yellow shades followed by a group of Azalea 'Altaclarence' in brilliant yellow, then a group of R. 'Broughtoni Aureum' trailing over a cluster of rocks. A group of R. 'Countess of Haddington' and 'Sefton' formed the next background with a foreground of white and red azaleas and R. 'Elizabeth' prominently displayed.

A striking group of R. augustinii and Ledifolia Azaleas in lavender, white and pink was next with a foreground rock garden with R. impeditum ever so lovely. R. 'Loderi', R. fortunei , R. 'Dr. O. Block' and R. 'Van Ness Sensation' was the next background with white, pink and red azaleas in front. At the far end R. 'Loder's White', R. 'Fragrantissimum', R. 'Earl of Athlone', R. 'Langley Park', R. 'Jean Marie De Montague', R. neriiflorum and R. 'Ivery's Scarlet' were displayed with a foreground of red Indica azaleas. The exhibit included many other rhododendrons making a total of thirty two named varieties, all with prominently displayed labels making the exhibit educational as well as beautiful.

Much praise was given the Society by show officials and judges for the outstanding job done with the hard space to work with. The awarding of the blue ribbon for new plant introduction for R. 'Elizabeth' was never in doubt, in fact the judges did not award any second, just a third and forth to other garden clubs.