JCAEDE v1n1 - Staking A Claim on the World Wide Web

Volume 1, Number 1
Fall 1995

Staking A Claim on the World Wide Web

Joan McLain-Kark and Bob Schubert
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Some people have compared the internet to the wild west frontier of the United States. The analogy fits in that anyone can stake a claim or establish an address on the internet just as anyone could carve out homesteads in western lands. Similar to those early pioneers, we are staking a claim on the internet by establishing a homepage and publishing this first issue of the JOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN AND EDUCATION (JCAEDE).

Just as in the wild west, few rules or laws have been established to govern the appropriate use of the journal. So, the board and editors of JCAEDE have set forth the following groundbreaking objectives and submittal guidelines for the journal. The objectives are:

  • To promote communication among educators and researchers in the design disciplines who are involved with teaching and research in CAD, computer-enhanced instruction, and design digital technology.
  • To publish research in applications of digital technology to education and practice in the design disciplines.

The need for JCAEDE is especially strong because of the rapid pace of developing technologies. With similar speed, educators need efficient ways to communicate ideas and strategies and to have these efforts recognized as scholarly for purposes of promotion and tenure. The World Wide Web (WWW) provides the ideal support for such an endeavor. Educators and researchers will have quick access to the journal at no charge. And, the multi-media capabilities of the WWW provides exciting opportunities to present computer images and animation.

The fate of JCAEDE--whether it becomes a highly regarded academic journal or simply another address on the internet--will ultimately be attributed to the efforts of the authors, readers, and editorial board. With timely and strong contributions, JCAEDE will grow into a recognized and valuable resource for design reseachers and educators. The editors are asking for your support as a reader, author, or possible board member to fulfill this vision.