Journal of Functional and Logic Programming

The Journal of Functional and Logic Programming

A New Electronic Journal from The MIT Press

ISSN 1080-5230

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The Journal of Functional and Logic Programming (JFLP) is a new electronic journal. It covers a broad scope of topics from functional and logic programming. It is specially concerned with the integration of the functional and logic paradigms as well as their common foundations. The Journal expects articles ranging from the theoretical foundations of functional and logic programming up to the application of such languages ``in the real world''. The Journal is published by The MIT Press .

All articles are published electronically using the facilities of the Internet, such as ftp and World Wide-Web in order to provide fast and flexible access to all articles, from all over the world. Similarly, articles have to be submitted electronically to minimize publication delays. Nevertheless, all articles have to pass a standard peer review by our board of editors , to ensure quality.

The call for papers is available both in DVI- and PostScript -format.

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