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Issue 12: December 1998
  • Indochina - Emerging Markets for the Tourism Industry
    by Lan Li, Pui Mun Lee, and Amy Tan
  • Issue 11: November 1998
  • Health Awareness and Life-Style Practices of Foodservice Employees
    by Said M. Ladki,Tarek Mikdashi and Abdallah Dah
  • Issue 10: August 1998
  • Effective Placement of Reflective Feedback in Computer-aided Instruction for Maintaining Dining Room Standards
    by Annette Graham and Carolyn U. Lambert
  • Issue 9: December 20, 1996
  • A Regional Analysis Concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act: Lodging Operator Level of Compliance
    by Randall S. Upchurch and JunWon Seo
  • Issue 8: June 3, 1994
  • Effect of Operating and Financial Leverage on Firm's Risk
    by Yang H. Huo and Francis Kwansa
  • Issue 7: November 16, 1993
  • Hospitality's Solid Waste Policy Patchwork: A Study of States' Regulatory Environments
    by Leslie E. Cummings
  • Issue 6: April 27, 1993
  • Hotel Re-positioning: An Illustration
    by Stowe Shoemaker
  • Issue 5: September 8, 1992
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act: Perspectives on Reasonable Accommodation
    by Suzanne K. Murrmann
  • Issue 4: December 9, 1991
  • Solid Waste and Degradability: Saving Grace or False Promise?
    by Leslie E. Cummings
  • Issue 3: May 28, 1991
  • Functional and Symbolic Congruity Approaches to Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction in Consumerism
    by Kye-Sung Chon and Michael D. Olsen
  • Issue 2: February 20, 1991
  • Conjoint Analysis and its Application in the Hospitality Industry
    by Sophie Ding, Ursula Geschke and Robert Lewis
  • Issue 1: November 26, 1990
  • Hotel Yield Management Using Optimal Decision Rules
    by Ralph D. Badinelli and Michael D. Olsen
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