JITE v32n4 - Table of Contents

Volume 32, Number 4
Summer 1995

From the Editor

Recognition and Thanks
Scott D. Johnson


Enhancing Psychomotor Skill Development Through the Use of Mental Practice
by Thomas S. Whetstone

Perceived Structure of Advanced Cognitive Skills for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities
by Jay W. Rojewski, John W. Schell, Earle Reybold, and Cheryl E. P. Evanciew

Determination of Curriculum Content and Requirements for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program in Industrial Technology
by Ahmad Zargari, Malcolm Campbell, and Ernest Savage

Required Business Skills for Training Professionals
by James A. Leach and Darrel L. Sandall

At Issue

Elementary School Technology Education: Who's Writing What?
by Matthew Pagliari and Patrick Foster

Diversity or Conformity?
By Thomas L. Erekson and Donna K. Trautman

Under Review

Flex: A flexible tool for continuously improving your evaluation of training effectiveness
Reviewed by Charles L. Sidell

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