JITE v33n4 - Table of Contents

Volume 33, Number 4
Summer 1996

From the Editor

Passing the Torch
Scott D. Johnson


Diderot, Rousseau, and the Mechanical Arts: Disciplines, Systems, and Social Context
by John R. Pannabecker

A Total Quality Management Model for Instructional Supervision in Vocational Technical Programs
by Chih-Yang Chao and John C. Dugger

Effectiveness of Computer Simulation for Enhancing Higher Order Thinking
by Anu A. Gokhale

Why Ask Why: Patterns and Themes of Causal Attribution in the Workplace
by Dan C. Brown

At Issue

The New Vocationalism: Community Economic Development
by Richard D. Lakes


Thoughts on Professional Publication
by Sarah L. S. Duncan

Under Review

Electronics Workbench
Reviewed by Ray Richardson

The Ethnograph
Reviewed by Richard Satchwell

Bits and Pieces

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