JITE v34n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 34, Number 3
Spring 1997

From the Editor

Identifying Research Topics
Rodney L. Custu


Literacy and Technology: Reflections and Insights for Technological Literacy
by Charles W. Gagel

Registered Pre-Apprenticeship: Successful Practices Linking School to Work
by Jeffrey A. Cantor

The Project Method: Its Vocational Education Origin and International Development
by Michael Knoll

At Issue

Academic Program Evaluation: Lessons from Business and Industry
by Mike A. Boyle and Richard Crosby


Vocational-Technical Education's Role in Welfare Reform: Providing Employability Skills for Welfare Recipients
by Ahmad Zargari

Under Review

The Future of Capitalism
Reviewed by John M. Kenny and Wendy L. Gilpin


Eighteenth Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients
by Kenneth Gray

Bits and Pieces

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