Volume 34, Number 4
Summer 1997

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From the Editor

In Appreciation
Rodney L. CustuororPDFHTML


Situated Learning: An Inductive Case Study of a Collaborative Learning Experience
by John W. Schell and Rhonda S. BlackPDFHTML

Key Affective Behaviors of Students as Identified by a Select Group of Secondary School Teachers Using SCANS Categories
by Jeffrey G. McNabbPDFHTML

Empowering At-risk Students to Stay in School Using a Cognitive-based Instructional System
by Christian A. Chinien, France Boutin and Charles LetteriPDFHTML

The Current Status and Future of Industrial Teacher Education and Non-Teacher Education Programs in Institutions of Higher Education
by David J. Pucel and Stephan FlisterPDFHTML

At Issue

Seeking a "Tie That Binds": Integrating Training and Development/Human Resource Development and Teacher Preparation
by Kenneth GrayPDFHTML


The Contributions of Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Dubois in the Development of Vocational Education
by Nevin R. Frantz, Jr.PDFHTML

Under Review

Multimedia for Decision Makers
Reviewed by John R. Wright, Jr.PDFHTML

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