JITE v36n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 36, Number 2
Winter 1999

From the Editor
Karen F. Zuga


Contingent Employment and Alienated Workers
David C. Bjorkquist and Jaap Kleinhesselink

Skill and Knowledge Acquisition in the Workplace: A Case Study of Mentor-Apprentice Relations in Youth Apprenticeship Programs
Cheryl E. P. Evanciew and Jay W. Rojewski

Comparison of Applied Mathematics Skill Levels for Students Enrolled in Applied Versus Traditional Courses at Secondary Schools
Dennis Wayne Field

A Factor Analysis of Primary Mental Processes for Technological Problem Solving
Roger B. Hill and Robert C. Wicklein

At Issue

A Challenge
Rupert N. Evans


Twentieth Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients
Marie Hoepfl

Bits and Pieces

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