JITE v37n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 37, Number 2
Winter 2000

From the Editor

Opening Doors
Karen Zuga


School and Workplace Initiatives and Other Factors That Assist and Support the Successful School-to-Work Transition of Minority Youth
by Rose Mary Wentling and Consuelo Luisa Waight

A Comparison of Traditionally and Alternatively Certified Technology Education Teachers' Professional Development and Receptivity to Change
by Steven L. Wash, Gerald G. Lovedahl, and William D. Paige

The Impact of Intrapreneurial Programs on Fortune 500 Manufacturing Firms
by Melissa H. Marcus, Dennis G. Tesolowski, and Clinton H. Isbell

The Role of the Physical Environment in Maximizing Opportunities for the Aging Workforce
by Virginia W. Kupritz

At Issue

Before I Forget … Some Thoughts on Professional Experience in HRD
by Jeffrey W. Flesher

Book Reviews

Curriculum: Product or Praxis
Reviewed by Phillip L. Cardon

Communities of Practice: The Buzz and the Buzzword
Reviewed by Jed Gillespie


Response to Steve Petrina's Book Review and John Ritz's Comment
by Theodore Lewis

Transforming NAITTE - Are We Capable of Change?
by Theodore Lewis

Twenty-first Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients
by Marie C. Hoepfl

Bits and Pieces

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