JITE v38n2 - Twenty-Second Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients Journal of Industrial Teacher Education

Volume 38, Number 2
Winter 2001

Twenty-Second Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients Journal of Industrial Teacher Education

Each year the Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education acknowledges excellence in writing through its Outstanding Manuscript Awards. The awards task force, consisting of current and former Journal editors and officers of NAITTE, reviewed each published refereed manuscript from Volume 37 of the Journal . The members first determined whether the manuscript merited recognition and then rank ordered the selected manuscripts. Individual rankings were combined to determine the recipient in each of the award categories. The awards task force for Volume 37 consisted of Dr. Paul E. Brauchle, Illinois State University; Dr. Dan Brown, Murray State University; Dr. Jeffrey Flesher, Commonwealth Edison; Dr. Charles C. Linnell, Clemson University; and Dr. Susan J. Olson, the University of Akron. The Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education extends warm thanks to these individuals for their assistance in the awards selection process, and for their continued service and commitment to NAITTE and the profession.

The Outstanding Manuscript Awards are presented to authors of refereed manuscripts based on three categories: research, conceptual, and dissertation. To be considered for the dissertation category, articles cannot be co-authored. Unfortunately, no dissertation-based manuscripts were published in Volume 37 of the Journal .

The Outstanding Research Manuscript is selected from data-based articles. The Outstanding Research Manuscript for Volume 37 was co-authored by Scott D. Johnson, University of Illinois, and Shih-Ping Chung, USF Holland, Inc. Their article, published in the Fall 1999 edition, was entitled The Effect of Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS) on the Troubleshooting Ability of Aviation Technician Students . The authors examined the effectiveness of an instructional strategy called Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving in assisting aviation technician students to improve their troubleshooting techniques with electrical systems. Their findings noted that the TAPPS strategy added to the students' learning experience and also provided a measure of efficiency in the learning process.

The Outstanding Conceptual Award Manuscript Award is chosen from philosophical, historical, curricular, or expository pieces. The Outstanding Conceptual Manuscript for Volume 37 was co-authored by Michael A. DeMiranda and James E. Folkestad, Colorado State University. Their article, entitled Linking Cognitive Science Theory and Technology Education Practice: A Powerful Connection Not Fully Recognized , argued that the rich hands-on learning experiences developed over the years in technology education have not been connected to the cognitive sciences for validity. They contend that research from the cognitive sciences could provide a strong basis for the learning activities that technology educators use. The authors provided an overview of various teaching models and how each model could be applied to technology education. The authors made a strong case that although technology education has developed apart from the cognitive sciences, the discipline could benefit from aligning itself with cognitive science research.

Outstanding Manuscript Award recipients were recognized at the NAITTE breakfast meeting at the Association for Career and Technical Education Conference in December 2000. The recipients were presented plaques for their achievement. Once again, the Journal Editorial Board and NAITTE congratulate the award recipients of Volume 37.

George E. Rogers
Associate Editor