JITE v39n1 - Table of Contents

Volume 39, Number 1
Fall 2001

From the Guest Editor

Four Decades of Scholarship
George E. Rogers


The 1960s
By Rupert N. Evans

The Functions of Industry as the Basis for Industrial Education Programs
By Willard M. Bateson and Jacob Stern

The 1970s
By Dennis R. Herschbach

Rationale for Career Education (1973)
By Rupert N. Evans and Gordon McCloskey

The 1980s
By Frank C. Pratzner

The Role of Vocational Studies and Training in General-Liberal Schooling (1984)
By Angelo C. Gilli, Sr

The 1990s
By David C. Bjorkquist

An Emerging Perspective on Policies for American Work and Education in the Year 2000: Choices We Face (1994)
By Arthur G. Wirth

At Issue

NAITTE: What is Our Niche?
By George E. Rogers

Bits and Pieces

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