JITE v39n3 - Bits and Pieces

Volume 39, Number 3
Spring 2002

Information for Authors

The Journal of Industrial Teacher Education (JITE) is issued four times annually by the National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Education (NAITTE). Published manuscripts are high-quality guest articles, refereed articles, "At Issue" essays, "Comments," reviews of books/media and computer hardware and software in an "Under Review" section, and special feature issues that report scholarly inquiry and commentary broadly related to industrial and technical teacher education, military training, and industrial training.

Submission Requirements

All manuscripts submitted for publication must be accompanied by a cover letter that specifies the section of the Journal for which the manuscript is intended and an abstract that describes the essence of the manuscript in 150 words or less. Manuscripts must conform to guidelines provided in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2001, 5 th ed.) except as mentioned here. Figures and line drawings must be submitted in camera-ready form. If possible, place figures, line drawings, and tables where desired in the text instead of using the APA's "place table here" place holder.

Manuscripts should be submitted on a 3.5" microcomputer diskette diskette or CD and in letter-quality hard copy form . Please be sure to provide six (6) hard copies for refereed manuscripts and three (3) hard copies for "At Issue," and "Comments" articles. The preferred format is Microsoft Word for Windows or Macintosh. It is also helpful to include a copy saved in "text" format. The name of the word processing program used must be indicated in the cover letter. Please label the disk with the author names, manuscript title, and date of submission. The files on the disk should be clearly named.

The submission procedures are intended to facilitate editing and producing the Journal . They should not be interpreted as precluding authors without microcomputer capabilities from submitting manuscripts for publication consideration. Authors unable to meet word processing specifications should contact the Editor.


Submit refereed manuscripts (diskette plus six hard copies), "At Issue" and "Comments" articles, and book/media reviews (diskette plus three hard copies) to:

George E. Rogers, Editor
Journal of Industrial Teacher Education
Purdue University
Department of Industrial Technology
401 North Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2021
Phone: (765) 494-1092
Fax: (765) 496-2700 (fax)

General inquiries about editorial policies of the Journal , proposals for special feature issues, and recommendations for topics and authors for guest articles should be sent to the Editor. Also, evaluative information about the JITE , such as comments from readers and authors that can be used to assist the editors in improving the Journal , should be forwarded to the Editor.

Manuscripts that do not meet submission requirements will be delayed in being reviewed since they will be returned outright to the author. Manuscripts must be the original work of the authors and not have been published, be awaiting publication, or be under publication consideration by another source.


The Journal of Industrial Teacher Education reserves the right to make editorial changes on all manuscripts to improve clarity, conform to style, correct grammar, and fit available space. Detailed information regarding JITE 's editorial policy and guidelines is presented in the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education Author's Guide by Patrick W. Miller and Thomas E. Proctor.

Change of Address and Undelivered Issues of the Journal

NAITTE members should forward any changes in their mailing address and report undelivered copies of JITE to:

Richard Zinser, Membership Secretary
Western Michigan University
Career and Technical Education
1009 Trimpe Building
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-3007
Telephone: 941-741-7200

NAITTE members should encourage libraries and reading rooms at their institutions to subscribe to JITE so that a permanent file of this publication is maintained. Three-year subscriptions to the Journal are available to institutions. Institutional subscription inquiries, changes of address, or problems with delivery should be directed to:

David Domermuth, Circulation Manager
Department of Technology
Kerr Scott Hall
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608
Phone: (828) 262-6359

Undelivered copies of JITE resulting from unreported changes of address will not be replaced without charge.

Request for Back Issues of the Journal

Back issues of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education are available on a limited basis. Please specify the year(s), volume(s), and issue(s) of the specific journal(s) when ordering. Also indicate the quantity desired. The cost for a back issue of the Journal is $7.00 (United States and Canada) and $9.50 (Foreign). There is no charge for shipping.

Order Form
Name __________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
City________________ State/Province________________ Zip Code________________
Please send, if available, the following back issues of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education .
Year Volume Issue Quantity
________________ ________________ ________________ ________________
________________ ________________ ________________ ________________
________________ ________________ ________________ ________________
Total Enclosed: $ ____________________

Make check payable to NAITTE-in U.S. dollars only. Mail this form and remittance to:
David Domermuth, Circulation Manager
Department of Technology
Kerr Scott Hall
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608
Phone: (828) 262-6359

NAITTE Membership Form

Membership Rates and Periods

The fee for regular yearly membership in NAITTE is $50 for U.S. and $60 for foreign. Student membership is $15 per year. Student membership applications must contain signatures of department chair from the student's institution. The membership year runs from July 1 st through June 30 th . To receive services listed for a full membership year, membership applications must be received by September 5 th . All membership applications received after January 1 st will cause membership services to begin on the following July 1 st .

Membership Application and Renewal
Position Classification Type
( ) College Administrator ( ) Technology Education ( ) U.S. ($50)
( ) Teacher Educator ( ) Trade & Industrial ( ) Foreign ($60)
( ) Sec. Or Elem. School Education ( ) Student ($15)
Administrator ( ) Technical Education ( ) Institutional ($150)
( ) Industrial & Military
( ) Federal or State Training Status
Government Employee ( ) Other  __________ ( ) New Member
( ) Industrial Trainer ( ) Renewal
( ) Military Trainer
Signature of Department Chair* __________________________________
Employer ________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
City____________ State/Province____________ Zip Code_____________

* For student membership only

Make check payable to NAITTE. Mail form and remittance to:
Richard Zinser, Membership Secretary
Western Michigan University
Career and Technical Education
1009 Trimpe Building
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-3007