JITE v40n4 - Table of Contents

Volume 40, Number 4
Summer 2003

From the Editor

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
George Rogers


A Catalyst for Excellence: A Report on the Transformation of the National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators
By Stephen Petrina, Paul Brauchle, James Gregson, Dennis Herschbach, Marie Hoepfl, Scott Johnson, Sam Stern, Thomas Walker, and Karen Zuga

The Changing Nature of Technology Associations
By Marie Hoepfl

The Future of Industrial Technology Education at the K-12 Level
By L. Scott Hansen and Carl J. Reynolds

Problem Representation, Understanding, and Learning Transfer Implications for Technology Education
By Mathias J. Sutton

Under Review

Handbook of Distance Education
By Jim Flowers

Energy and Society: An Introduction
By Robert T. Howell

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