JITE v41n1 - Twenty-fifth Annual Outstanding Manuscript Recipients

Volume 41, Number 1
Spring 2004

Twenty-Fifth Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients

Journal of Industrial Teacher Education

Each year the Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education acknowledges excellence in research and writing through its Outstanding Manuscript Awards. The awards task force, consisting of current and former Journal editors and officers of NAITTE, reviewed each published refereed manuscript from Volume 40 of the Journal. The members first determined whether the manuscript merited recognition and then ranked the selected manuscripts. Individual rankings were combined to determine the recipient in each of the award categories. The awards task force for Volume 40 consisted of Dr. Ray Denton, Pittsburg State University; Dr. Charles Gagel, University of Idaho; Dr. Roger Hill, University of Georgia; Dr. Marie Hoepfl, Appalachian State University; Dr. Scott D. Johnson, University of Illinois; and Dr. Karen F. Zuga, The Ohio State University. The Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education is appreciative to these individuals for their dedication to and assistance in the awards selection process and for their continued service and commitment to NAITTE and the profession.

The Outstanding Manuscript Awards are presented to authors of refereed manuscripts based on three categories: research, conceptual, and dissertation.

The Outstanding Research Manuscript is selected from published articles that were data based. The Outstanding Research Manuscript for Volume 40 was co-authored by Mingchang Wu of the National University of Science and Technology and James P. Greenan of Purdue University. Their article, published in the Winter 2003 edition, was entitled, The Effects of a Generalizable Mathematics Skills Instructional Intervention on the Mathematics Achievement of Learners in Secondary CTE Programs. The authors developed and examined the effectiveness of an instructional intervention for the teaching of mathematical skills to students in secondary career technology programs. The authors´┐Ż study suggested that a functional instructional intervention could improve the mathematics skills of students in secondary CTE programs.

The Outstanding Conceptual Manuscript Award is chosen from philosophical, historical, curricular, or expository pieces. Richard A. Walter of The Pennsylvania State University and Jerome T. Kapes of Texas A & M University authored the Outstanding Conceptual Manuscript for Volume 40, which appeared in the Spring 2003 issue. Their article, entitled Development of a Procedure for Establishing Occupational Examination Cut Scores: A NOCTI Example, investigated alternative procedures for establishing cut scores for NOCTI examinations. The authors posed and addressed issues related to different methods of setting cut-off scores and offered several recommendations.

The Outstanding Dissertation Manuscript award is selected from articles that report the findings of a thesis or dissertation. To be considered in this category, the article cannot be co-authored. There were no manuscripts in this category in Volume 40.

The Outstanding Research Manuscript for Volume 39 was co-authored by Tariq Akmal and Merril M. Oaks of Washington State University and Ron Barker of the Georgia Department of Education. Their article, The Status of Technology Education: A National Report on the State of the Profession, appeared in issue 4 of Volume 39. All manuscripts for Volume 39 were categorized as research.

Outstanding Manuscript Award recipients were recognized at the NAITTE Breakfast at the Association for Career and Technical Education Conference in December 2003, and the recipients were presented plaques for their achievement. The Journal Editorial Board and NAITTE heartily congratulate the award recipients of Volume 39 and 40.

Janet Zaleski Burns
Associate Editor
Tracy Gilmore