JITE v42n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 42, Number 3
Fall 2005

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From the Editor

Is Teaching an Art or a Science?
by Janet Zaleski Burns


Pre-engineering's Place in Technology Education And Its Effect on Technological Literacy as Perceived by Technology Education Teachers
by George E. Rogers

Professor's Role in Motivating Students to Attend Class
by Ernest W. Brewer and David N. Burgess

Work Ethic and Employment Status: A Study of Jobseekers
by Roger B. Hill and Susan Fouts

New Trade and Industrial Teachers' Perceptions of Formal Learning versus Informal Learning and Teaching Proficiency
by Janet Zaleski Burns, Karen Schaefer, and Jessie M. Hayden

At Issue

Technology Education Benefits from the Inclusion of Pre-engineering Education
by Steve E. Rogers and George E. Rogers

Under Review

The Way of the Teacher
Reviewed by Andrew J. M. Smith

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