Volume 45, Number 2
Fall 2008

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Knowledge Management: A Tripartite Conceptual Framework for Career and Technical Teacher Educators
by Hae-Young Lee and Gene L. RothPDF [210 KB]HTML [51 KB]

Pilot Study of the Effects of Supraliminal BiPolar Primes On Occupational Educators’ Viewing Time and Perceived Confidence with Desktop Virtual Reality
by M. Scott Williams PDF [332 KB]HTML [62 KB]

Retention of Graduate Students Through Learning Communities
by Marie Kraska PDF [192 KB]HTML [42 KB]

Influencing Technology Education Teachers to Accept Teaching Positions
by Luke J. Steinke and Alvin R. Putnam PDF [212 KB]HTML [52 KB]

Book Reviews

Tech Tally: Approaches to Assessing Technological Literacy by E. Garmire & G. Pearson (Eds.)
Reviewed by Henry L. Harrison III PDF [158 KB]HTML [12 KB]

Researching Technology Education: Methods and Techniques by Howard Middleton
Reviewed by Michael P. Glass PDF [152 KB]HTML [11 KB]

Bits and PiecesPDF [148 KB]HTML [14 KB]

by Tracy Gilmore