JITE v45n3 - Awards and Elections

Volume 45, Number 3
Winter 2009


Twenty-Ninth Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients

Journal of Industrial Teacher Education

Each year the Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education acknowledges excellence in writing through its Outstanding Manuscript Awards. The awards task force, consisting of current and former Journal editors and officers of NAITTE, reviewed each published refereed manuscript from Volume 44, Issues 1, 2 and 3 of the Journal. The members first determined whether the manuscript merited recognition and then ranked the selected manuscripts. Individual rankings were combined to determine the recipient in each of the award categories. The awards task force for Volume 44 consisted of Daniel Brown, Janet Burns, Charles Gagel, Marie Hoepfl, Kara Harris, and George Rogers. The Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education extends warm thanks to these individuals for their assistance in the awards selection process and for their continued service and commitment to NAITTE and the profession.

The Outstanding Manuscript Awards are presented to authors of refereed manuscripts based on three categories: research, conceptual, and dissertation. The Outstanding Research Manuscript is selected from published articles that were data based. The Outstanding Research Manuscript for Volume 44 was co-authored by Jeff M. Allen, University of North Texas and Kim Nimon, Southern Methodist University. Their article, published in the Fall 2007 Number 3 edition, was entitled Retrospective Pretest: A Practical Technique for Professional Development Evaluation. The authors provided a method to field test an instrument utilizing a pretest to determine whether it could be used as an assessment device for a professional development conference. The instrument evaluated in the manuscript provides the user a low cost approach to evaluating the quality of development interventions across a wide range of disciplines. Information gained for the instrument under review in gauges whether or how much learning occurred.

The Outstanding Conceptual Manuscript Award is chosen from philosophical, historical, curricular, or expository pieces. Michael Kroth, University of Idaho authored the Outstanding Conceptual Manuscript for Volume 44, Number 2, Summer 2007 edition. His article, entitled Maslow-Move Aside! A Heuristical Motivation Model for Leaders in Career and Technical Education, provides another model of the motivational research being conducted in Career and Technical Education. The author suggests that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is often used as an example for much of the research conducted. He goes on to say that research is being conducted that is not widely known. Today educators need a method to utilize workplace place motivation models based on existing theory helping employees reach their potential.

The Outstanding Dissertation Manuscript award is selected from articles that report the findings of a thesis or dissertation. The Outstanding Dissertation Manuscript for Volume 44 was co-authored by Paul A Asunda and Roger B. Hill, The University of Georgia. Their article, which appeared in issue Volume 44 Number 1, Spring 2007, was entitled Critical Features of Engineering Design in Technology Education. The study conducted collected data through interviews that would enable the authors to develop activities and rubrics for integrating engineering design with technical education.

The Outstanding Manuscript Award recipients were recognized by NAITTE at a reception following the Engineering and Technical Education division business meeting at the Association for Career and Technical Education Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, December 2008 annual conference. The recipients were presented plaques for their achievement. Once again, the Journal Editorial Board and NAITTE congratulate the award recipients of Volume 44.

NAITTE Colleagues:

As the NAITTE Trustee in charge of the 2008 officer elections, it is my responsibility to notify you of the election results. Please welcome the following new NAITTE officers:

Dr. James Gregson Vice President for Technical Education
Dr. Kara Harris Vice President for Technology Education
Dr. Mark Threeton Vice President for Trade and Industrial Education
Dr. Mat Sutton Treasurer
Dr. Dennis Herschback

Thank you for a successful election.

Charles W. Gagel
NAITTE Trustee

by Tracy Gilmore