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Volume 47, Number 1
Spring 2010

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Call for Manuscripts
by George E. RogersPDF [43 KB]HTML [10 KB]

Educational Camps and Their Effects on Female Perceptions of Technology Programs
by Christine Jacobs-Rose and Kara S. HarrisPDF [147 KB]HTML [65 KB]

Identifying Perceived Professional Development Needs of Idaho Secondary CTE Teachers: Program Management Needs of Skilled and Technical Science Teachers
by John G. Cannon, Dennis W. Duncan, and Allen KitchelPDF [145 KB]HTML [61 KB]

Identification of Quality Visual-Based Learning Material for Technology Education
by Petros KatsioloudisPDF [252 KB]HTML [51 KB]

Impact of an Engineering Mentorship Program on African-American Male High School Students’ Perceptions and Self-Efficacy
by Cameron D. Denson, and Roger B. HillPDF [124KB]HTML [60 KB]

Under Review

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work by Matthew B. Crawford
Reviewed by David C. BjorkquistPDF [56 KB]HTML [19 KB]

At Issue

One True Love
by George E. RogersPDF [28 KB]HTML [6 KB]

Bits and PiecesPDF [80 KB]HTML [15 KB]

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