Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 1
Volume 39


The Development of a Measurement and Simulation System for Assisting with the Design of a Mono-Transistor Amplifier in Technology Education.
Hirotaka DOHO, Kunio UEDA

Using a computer, we developed teaching materials to assist students to learn how to design transistor amplifiers that are based on the transistor's collector characteristics. Using this system, the student measures the transistor's data, processes the measured data, draws its collector characteristics, and simulates the movement of the mono-transistor amplifier. Through the utilization of this system in Technology Education "Electronics" classes, students designed the most suitable amplifier by setting up the circuit constant that matched each transistor. Under different conditions, doing circuit design in a limited time, after 4 or 5 repeated trial and error simulations, the students were able to understand the method of designing amplifier circuits using the transistor's collector characteristics. They were also able to understand the function of the circuit elements and the relationship of the elements as a whole. At the same time, this activity has been recognized to have a positive emotional impact on students.

Key words : Electronics, teaching materials, transistor amplifier circuit, transistor's collector characteristics, computer simulation