Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 1
Volume 39


Preventing the Loosening of Threaded Joints Under Transverse Vibration Using Anaerobic Adhesives
Nobuyoshi HISAMITSU, Takenori OGAWA, Masashi TOKITOU

The effect of anaerobic adhesives in preventing the loosening of threaded joints was tested under transverse vibration. The critical slip amplitude was compared for the fastened parts and the threaded joints which were lubricated with machine oil on both the mating threads and the bearing surface of nut. Conclusion: The anaerobic adhesives were found to be effective for preventing loosening caused by transverse vibration as well as rotational vibration. The critical amplitude can be estimated by using the fastening force which is obtained as a sum of the actual tightening force and the additional force due to the effect of adhesion.

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