Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 1
Volume 39


Development of a VR-Type Linear Stepping Motor and the Construction of a Practical Training System Related to its Control Circuits

Electromechanical Technology Education (ETE) is currently focused on software education. This study, however, is based on the point of view that a well-balanced education combining hardware and software technologies is indispensable. This study developed a practical training and teaching system using stepping motors with the intention of introducing a hardware component into (ETE). Specifically, (1) a VR-type linear stepping motor was developed, and (2) various excitation pulse pattern signal generators were made to function as its control circuits, along with other devices that were manufactured for its system configuration. This study demonstrated the following things can be taught: (1) the structure of a rotary stepping motor, (2) its operating principle, and (3) the behavioral differences between various excitation systems.

Key words : Electromechanical Technology Education, hardware technology, software technology, VR-type linear stepping motor, various excitation pulse pattern signal generators