Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 39


Development of a Measuring Tool for Setting the Depth of Cut on a Japanese Hand Plane.
Kazuyuki NAGATOMI, Katsuhiko YOSHIDA, Yoshiyasu NAKATSUKA, Tomohiro NONAKA

In this study, we developed a measuring tool for setting the depth of cut on a Japanese hand plane. This tool is a low-cost teaching device which makes it fast and easy to measure the depth of cut. The measuring range of this tool is 0.70 mm or less and its accuracy is +- 0.01 mm. The usability of this tool as a teaching device was investigated after 20 minutes of practice adjusting the depth of cut before practicing planing. The adjusted value was compared with the target value (the amount of cut was 0.05 to 0.10 mm and the difference in the depth of cut between both sides of the blade was less than 0.05 mm). This was done in class with university students and with junior high school pupils. In conclusion, this measuring device can be effectively used to evaluate the depth of cut and as a means of practicing adjusting the blade.

Key words :Japanese hand plane, learning of wood planing, tool setting, depth of cut, measuring tool for setting depth of cut.