Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 39


The Educational Effects of Introducing Computers as a Means of Studying into Wood Processing Classes
Hirotugu TAGUCHI, Yasuo OHSAKO

In order to clearly identify the nurturing effect of self-education in technology education we made a self-evaluation chart which primarily looked at student's emotional aspect and attitudinal aspect. Using the chart we looked into the nurturing effect of self-education ability by introducing computers as a means of studying in the wood processing class. Specifically, in wood processing classes we compared and analyzed the nurturing of each aspect related to self-educational ability between the class in which computers were introduced and the class in which computers were not introduced. Although computers were introduced into the classes neither the learning effect nor the knowledge aspect of self-teaching ability were observed. However, we did observed some effects on items related to the emotional and attitudinal aspects. In addition, regarding the development of self-education ability it has become clear that learning through hands-on experiences was much more effective than learning by lectures. Further, even in lecture-centered learning, which resulted in low self-evaluation scores for self-education ability, the introduction of computers tended to be effective in developing the emotional and attitudinal aspects.

Key words :industrial arts education, self educational ability, Woodworking, computer.