Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 39


The Development of a System to Measure and Evaluate Hand Planed Surfaces.
Kunio UEDA, Shigeru SAMUTA, Ikunobu KADOBO

We have established five parameters for the purpose of evaluating surfaces planed with a hand plane. Those parameters are: roughness, undulation, twist, vertical inclination, and horizontal inclination. We have constructed a system to measure and quantitatively evaluate these parameters using a personal computer. Initially the measuring instrument was used to collect data from planed surfaces. Following that the five parameters were calculated by processing the data. Finally, the calculated values were compared against standard values which were divided into three ranges using a normal distribution curve. The distribution was composed of samples from a group of junior high school students. This system allowed us to display the value for each of the five parameters and a three dimensional figure of the planed surface on the computer monitor. In addition, the evaluated results and a diagnostic explanation were also displayed.

Key words : Woodworking, measuring instrument, method of measurement, hand plane, personal computer.