Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 3
Volume 39


A Study on Motivation to Learn in Industrial Arts Classes -The Development of a Scale to Measuring the Motivation to Learn
Shinichi HARADA, Masashi MATSUURA, Shigeki ANDOH

In industrial arts classes it is important for the teacher to understand students' motivation to learn in order to understand the students and to develop teaching activities. In this study we developed a scale to measure junior high school students' motivation to learn in industrial arts classes.

The results were as follows:

1) Factor analysis of students' motivation to learn extracted four factors which were: a) Desire to make, b) Desire for assistance, c) Inclination to be challenged, and d) Cognitive conflict.

2) We developed a questionnaire to determine students' motivation in industrial arts classes based on the results of the factor analysis.

3) Using analysis of variance we found a significant difference in the motivation to learn between 8th grade boys and girls.

4) When compared across grade levels, gender, and schools, the score for the first factor, desire to make, was higher than any of the other factors.