Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 3
Volume 39


Development of Multi-Media CAI Teaching Materials Related to Machine Tools

When learning how to operate machines that have moving parts and are potentially dangerous, it is good to practice and study the method of operation in advance using multi-media CAI teaching materials. It is considered appropriate for students to understand the important functional points and the dangerous points of the operation using image training. After that, they can begin the actual task.

This teaching material was designed to enable students in technical high schools, colleges of technology, and universities to understand the fundamental structures and functions of machine tools and also the different operations of a lathe. This so-called multi-media CAI teaching material is composed of characters, figures, photographs, VTR images, animation, narration and more.

The main software used for this is Authorware Professional Ver.2.0 for Windows which is intended for multi-media presentations. The result of the survey conducted with university students in a trial lesson using this teaching material indicated that a generally high degree of understanding was obtained. However, some points for improvement were also noted.

Key Words:teaching material, multi-media, CAI, machine tools, lathe