Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 3
Volume 39


Research on Students' Practical Lessons in Industrial Arts
Kunio UEDA, Takahiro MIYANO

One of the important characteristics in Industrial Arts lessons is students' practical/experimental learning. However, what constitutes a typical practical activity has not been clearly identified. Using a video tape recorder (VTR), we recorded the industrial arts classes. From the video tape we extracted 41 activity units which were synthesized into 13 activity categories that could be used to analyze industrial arts classes. Using these categories we attempted to statistically evaluate the students' activities during class and tried to understand them empirically. In this paper we analyzed classes based on activity categories by comparing male and female activities. The results showed no difference between male and female students in "production" activities and "information" activities. However, significant differences were observed in "meaningless activity" categories, such as playing or chatting. Especially the male students who were the target of this investigation demonstrated a high level of wasteful activities. Thus, a significant difference was observed between males and females.

Key words :industrial arts, student's practical activity, learning by producing, category analysis.