Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 4
Volume 39


Development of a Digital Signal Processing Type AC Phase Control Circuit.
Haruyoshi AKIBA, Yoshinori SUYAMA

In this investigation, we developed an AC phase control circuit consisting of digital signal processing techniques. This scheme detects a half period of source voltage with a counter and a phase control angle a (alpha) which is determined by calculating the digitized numeric value obtained from the counter in a single board computer. A phase control angle command has been provided from the personal computer to the single board computer by using a printer interface. Consequently, the phase control angle a (alpha) automatically follows the source frequency which ranges from 8 to 165 Hz based on commands from the personal computer. Therefore, when using this equipment with commercial frequencies (50 Hz or 60 Hz), this equipment can digitally perform the phase control with the accuracy of the order of 0.7(degrees) and without changing the hardware or the software.

Key words : Digital signal processing , Single board computer ,Personal computer , AC phase control