Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 4
Volume 39


An Analysis of the Current Status of Fundamental Courses Related to Information [Technology] in a Comprehensive Program of Study
Takeshi HONGO, Akira KIKUCHI

Fundamental courses related to information technology are required courses in a comprehensive program of study. These courses are highly likely to contain material related to basic information technology which students in all disciplines are expected to learn. Therefore, it is the focus of attention when we consider information technology education as general education in the upper secondary schools. We conducted a study using questionnaires. The goal was to determine the current status of this subject and the content of these courses. In addition we inquired into information technology related education in the upper secondary schools. Through this research we learned that the teachers who are in charge of comprehensive programs of study think that "fundamental courses related to information technology" can be applied to a general education program or a technical education program. In addition, teachers understand the educational content of information technology in a comprehensive program of study. In terms of the educational content in a comprehensive program of study, teachers consider "hardware" and "multimedia and socialization" to be common concepts. We also learned that teachers place a relatively high degree of importance on the content which addresses the use of the computer as a tool. They valued the computers as a tool used for the expression of thoughts and because they are convenient. It also became clear that the continuity between information basics in junior high school and high school is not always effectively maintained.

Key words :fundamental courses, information technology, comprehensive program. technical education program