Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 4
Volume 39


The Development of a Teaching Aid for Teaching the Stroke Order of Chinese Characters Using an Authoring Tool
Akihiro JKAWASHIMA, Takamasa ASAI

We selected the written stroke order of Chinese characters as a theme for developing a multimedia teaching aid in the junior high school information basics class. In order to develop a good quality multimedia teaching aid it is not enough to have a good authoring tool. It is also necessary to have an appropriate theme, an overall structure, balance, comprehensive forms of expression, and sensitivity on the part of the producer. Software that shows the stroke order used when writing Chinese characters was developed through the use of moving pictures and sound. The software includes the 1006 characters which are used in junior school. Using only the mouse, one can study the order for making strokes in a dynamic way. The software has 146 MB which is stored on a CD-ROM. We are discovering that this software has applications in junior high school handwriting classes (Shosha) and at Japanese universities for foreign.

Key words :multimedia teaching aids, CAI, Kanji, Chineses character stroke order