Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 4
Volume 39


Development of Computer Assisted Learning Teaching Materials that Focused on a Systematic Approach to Teaching Optics
Shin-ichi OKUNO, Kazuto TAKAHASHI, Momoko ARAI, Kiichiro KAGAWA, Kiichiro UEDA

Currently, the contents of Optics is covered in Elementary School, Junior High School and Senior High School. The instruction, however, is not necessarily linked between schools or across subjects, since each school and subject area deal with the content independently. We, therefore, developed CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) teaching materials which focuses on a systematic approach to the content of optics. That is, we proposed an organizational structure in order to systematically teach the content of optics. This structure was based on Hyper Card (Ver. 2.2). We constructed the teaching materials from which pupils learn about the characteristics of light, light energy, and the application of light. We selected 15 items as the "home stacks". The teaching material consisted of a total of 488 cards and the capacity was 18.5 MB. Explanations of the characteristics of light energy, and applications, plus questions, answers, and experimental methods were written on the structured cards within the stacks. We also included some experimental results to support the teaching material and to make it better. The subjects' self-evaluation following the utilization of theses teaching materials was very positive.

Key words :optics, HyperCard, computer assisted learning, laboratory-based teaching material