Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 1
Volume 40


The Development of a Color-Sensitive Display Controlling Interface
Makoto KINEFUCHI, Takashi TORII, Akinobu ANDO, Noriaki KANNO

We have developed a general-purpose interface system that would be beneficial when learning to use a personal computer as a control device. This particular system function with Graphical User Interface (GUI) environments as typified by MS-Windows. Our system outputs data from an HTML file onto the color display screen after it has been serialized by our software. Each of the 3 bits, data, clock, and reset, is assigned to each of the three colors (R, G, B) respectively. The data on the screen is read by an attached color sensor. The data then undergoes parallelization by means of the hardware attached to the back. As for the software, we adopted Java (JDK 1.02), a programming language that is freely downloadable from the Internet. This language can be used with all kinds of platform-independent applications.

Key words : color display, interface, learning computer control, Java